Hi, I am Vasco (Narciso). Born and raised in Lisbon.

My passion for music started when I was a kid, listening to my parent’s jazz records. At 18 years old I started studying at Hot Club, a local jazz school. Went to the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2016, where I did my bachelor in Jazz Guitar. 

I started recroding and producing my own work during lockdown. In November 2020 my first EP Anticorpo was released via Collect Music, a Lisbon based record label, and the single My One came out one year later on the same label.

Throughout 2022 I wrote songs for my first album ‘22’, released independently on May 28th 2023.

I am living in Melbourne, Australia at the moment.

2019 - 2020

Soundtracks for Francisco Narciso’s first exhibition Transação, his first video work Plástico, and his latest project Fragile

Improvised music collab with João Guerra VASCO DUO

Live performance and sound installation for Manuel Tainha’s solo exhibition Salmão Fingido

Soundtrack for Marta Pinto’s animated movie Son of a Prick

EP Anticorpo



- LisbON Jardim de Inverno , Lisboa
- Lux Frágil , Lisboa
- Galeria Mono , Lisboa
- Madalena , Faro
- Gliding Barnacles , Figueira da Foz
- Super Bock em Stock Festival , Lisboa

- My One (single + music video)



- Casa da Música , Porto
- Vago , Lisboa
- Festival Microclima , Lisboa
- Festival Collect Culture , Ericeira
- MAP Studio Cafe , London
- Headrow House , Leeds
- Vortex Jazz Club , London
- Festival Jardim Sonoro , Lisboa
- À Janela , Óbidos
- Poente @ Casa Portofonia , Sintra

- Soundtrack for Lisbon Fashion Week promo video Oasis


- in my head (single + music video)
- bye (single)
- 22 (album)


- Musicbox, Lisboa
- Lisa, Lisboa
- Home Planet, Tokyo
- Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo
- World Kitchen BaoBab, Tokyo